Vet Nurses

  • Fiona Valintine
    Certified Vet Nurse

    After studying in New South Wales to become a certified Veterinary Nurse, Fiona worked at a small animal clinic in Sydney for 8 years. She then moved to Queensland with her young family in 2002.

    Fiona has been working at the Jimboomba Vet Surgery since 2007. Her work interests primarily include critical care management, small animal anaesthetics and pediatric nursing.

    Fiona enjoys showing her ponies on weekends, and is the cat groomer for the clinic.


  • Melissa Forrest
    Certified Vet Nurse

    Melissa has been working at the Jimboomba Vet Surgery since 2009 and is a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse completing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2012. She has a Bachelor of Agribusiness Marketing from Curtin University, and spent 10 years working around Australia with one of the largest dairy companies in the nation before joining the JVS team.

    Melissa’s primary work interests include medical nursing and surgical nursing.

    Melissa is originally from rural Western Australia where she was brought up with a variety of animals. Currently, Melissa shares her home with her beloved dogs Milo, Bailey, Roxy and Gemma, her cute cat Toby, and her horses Mickey and Filly.


  • Mandy Tapp
    Certified Vet Nurse

    Mandy started grooming dogs in New Zealand at the age of 16 and eventually succeeded in creating her own grooming business at 22. In addition to this, she worked at the Native Bird Recovery Centre in her own time, rescuing and caring for native wildlife.

    After moving to Australia in 2001, Mandy continued rescuing and caring for Australian wildlife, as is her passion. In 2008, she then started working as a Vet Nurse at the Jimboomba Vet Surgery. In the same year, Mandy completed a Diploma in Animal Care as well as a Diploma in Animal Behaviour. In addition to carrying out her Vet Nurse duties, she is also the clinic's groomer.

    Mandy’s primary work interests include neonatal care, wildlife, animal behaviour and grooming.


  • Tegan Mulcahy
    Certified Vet Nurse

    Tegan joined the Jimboomba Vet Surgery team in November 2014 and whilst working here gained her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. 

    Her favourite things about being a Vet Nurse primarily include emergency nursing care and medical procedures.

    Tegan is the proud mum of a cat Salty that she rescued from the clinic, a Dalmatian Ziggy and a Border Collie Zuri. 

  • Claire Stewart
    Certified Vet Nurse

    Claire started her Vet Nursing Career in 1995 right here at Jimboomba Vet.  Over the past couple of decades she has worked at a variety of different Veterinary clinics and hospitals, both here in SE QLD and in Canberra, ACT.  

    She returns to her old position here at JVS as a well learnt Veterinary Nurse with a great wealth of experience to share.  

    When she's not at work Claire will be found riding her Waler horses or entertaining her menagerie of cats, dogs and sheep. 

  • Angel Preedy
    Certified Vet Nurse

    Angel joined the Jimboomba Vet Sugery team in 2017 and whilst here, completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. 

    Angel absolutely loves all aspects of nursing, with a keen interest in both surgical and medical nursing. 

    She is passionate about all animals but especially loves birds. As a result, her family consists of a scaly-breasted lorikeet called Kaka, a cockatiel called Clyde and a baby Alexandrine named Piccolo.

  • Brittany Hopkins
    Vet Nurse

    Brittany began working at Jimboomba Vet Surgery in 2018. She joined the team with a wide range of hospital knowledge having gained 3 years experience at a busy Sydney clinic. 

    Brittany's favourite thing about being a Vet Nurse is the variety of cases seen here at JVS.

    Her own pets include, Lacey the cockatiel and Lana a rescue kitten that was brought into the clinic. 

  • Bailey Grout
    Certified Vet Nurse

    Bailey joined the Jimboomba Vet Surgery Team mid 2018 once she completed her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.

    Bailey enjoys the variety of cases that we see here at JVS, but has a strong interest in surgery and caring for our hospitalised patients.

    In her free time, you'll find her hanging out with her gorgeous animals, Luca the Border Collie and her horses Sam and Houston. 


  • Paige Valintine
    Vet Nurse

    Paige is currently studying for her Certificate II in Animal Studies.

    Paige's primary interests in Veterinary nursing are interacting with customers and patients on reception and the nursing care of hospitalised patients.

    Her job at Jimboomba Vet Surgery has led her to the adoption of a dachshund called Chopper. 


  • Gabbie Wilson
    Vet Nurse

    Gabbie is currently studying certificate IV in veterinary nursing.

    Her favourite things about being a Vet Nurse primarily include emergency nursing care and medical procedures.

    She is passionate about all animals but especially loves her horse Kealer and her 5 dogs Ernie, Whitie, Jill, Scotty and Ted.