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Goat and Sheep Rearing

Sheep and Goat Rearing – Health and parasite control

Jimboomba provides the perfect setting for hobby farming and many residents own a variety of farm animals including sheep and goats, both dairy and meat.  Caring for and maintaining a healthy environment for these animals is important both for their welfare, and to minimise losses you incur from unwanted sickness and deaths.

 Sheep and goats are grazing prey animals.  This means that they are at high risk for being victims to wild dog and dingo attacks.  This makes it imperative to have adequate fencing, not just to keep your stock in, but to keep predators out, especially at times of lambing/kidding.  Whilst it is your neighbours responsibility to keep their dogs on their properties, it’s your responsibility to ensure your stock are well protected.  We at JVS often visit dog attacks on stock where the perpetrator has been the stockowners dog.

Both sheep and goats suffer from many of the same preventable diseases.  These diseases are grouped as Clostridial Diseases.  This includes blackleg, tetanus, black disease and enterotoxaemia (also known as overeating disease). The good news is that these diseases are all preventable using a 5 in 1 vaccination available at Jimboomba Vet Surgery.  Depending on the number of doses required, we can provide single or multiple doses.    Lambs and kids should be vaccinated with 5 in 1 at 4-6 weeks and again a month later and repeated annually.  For new stock where vaccination is unknown, it’s best to vaccinate when moving onto the property, and then follow the protocol above.

Cheesy gland and scabby mouth are diseases specific to sheep.  Cheesy gland is an inflammation of the lymph glands in the body and increase in size.  Vaccinations are available and it’s recommended vaccinating them before their first shearing and then annually.

Scabby Mouth is a human communicable disease. This causes scabs around the nostrils, mouth, eyes and occasionally limbs.  A live vaccine is available for those properties where scabby mouth has occurred in the past.

Worms are a major killer of sheep and goats in Queensland and prevention is much more effective than a cure.  Simple and affordable oral drenches are available at Jimboomba Vet Surgery for sheep and goats that should be administered every 3 months.  All new stock entering your property should be wormed immediately to prevent any infection to your current flock.  Many of these oral drenches can assist with external parasites such as lice, mites and keds.  Jimboomba Vet Surgery can process manure samples, which means you can comprehensively monitor the effectiveness of your drenching program.

Sheep are very susceptible to fly strike and should be treated accordingly following animal welfare guidelines in Queensland.

If you own sheep or goats, please let the staff at Jimboomba Vet Surgery assist you in making the right preventative decisions for a happy and healthy flock.